United Spaces’ co-working concept is truly human and truly global. It is built on five dimensions; physical, mobile, social, intellectual and cultural. It is about the hardware and the software, about human and tech, about efficiency and creativity, about local and global, about me and us. Rethink office – instead of going into an office room, let’s together go out into the world.

A perfect co-working workspace is a community built on a meaningful vision, engaging mission and human values. It is a workspace for members that grow themselves and their business, grasp potentials, new ideas and contacts, members that realize that a great workspace is rather an investment than a cost.

After 15 years of practise we still keep refining what makes United Spaces such a great place attracting great people. A co-working platform built on openness and trust, inspiration and creativity, is fun and it is driving change. When fun to go to work, you’ll attract talents and keep great people onboard.

Our vision is a borderless, innovative and conscious entrepreneurship and business. Our goal is to support local entrepreneurs with hundreds of workspaces around the world, being part of a Positive Glocalization – working locally with a global mindset.