The united effect


Our idea is simple. The more people trust each other and work together, the more their business will succeed. Everything we do is built around this idea.

That’s why our network offices are located in city centers enabling easy, convenient and on-the-go meetings. That’s why we have inviting lounges and numerous events so that people can meet, connect and start a conversation, and that’s why we’ve developed US World – a digital platform made for professionals to grow their business – wherever they are.

Because we believe – no, we know – that being together is superior to being alone. Collaboration creates value unlike any other form. It presents more opportunities, wider networks, new friends and better results. We have a name for this value: The United Effect. It’s what happens when you, your idea and your business grow. And it only occurs with mutual trust.

This trust is nothing that we’ve created, it’s a trust that is recreated, co-created, multiplied and shared every hour, every day by our members. And by their friends, networks and recommendations.

Even though every member is unique and each success story is different, the united effect is what binds them all together. Best thing of all – as our members succeed, so do we.

Soon we are 1500 people in 3 major cities, all united by this effect.
And that’s just the beginning.


united spaces

Where you, your idea and your business grow.