The future of work is a lot about making your business more effective by digitizing. Today, most of our business tools are in our phone.

Hackmasters from UK, a new United Spaces-member, work daily with technology and design challenges. They will also work in close collaboration with United Spaces to grow our competence and supply our members with great solutions.

Alexander Schultz is one of the persons behind Hackmasters. This is his 8 most useful mobile business apps that make it possible to run your business with your smartphone:
  1. Harvest. Every company needs good planning. Harvest is an easy tool for project planning, even in big teams.
  2. Mailchimp. You can design, schedule, share and analyze your newsletter with Mailchimp.
  3. Clara. Your personal assistant who book the meetings and also make sure you will be there. Artificial intelligence.
  4. Product Hunt. Will search the industry for latest news when it comes to office appliances (in this case: mobile apps, hardware, websites and tech creations).
  5. Pipedrive.  With this CRM system you will keep your customer, and potential ones, organized.
  6. Slack. Daily chat communication for your team.
  7. Xero. An easier way to keep track of your company’s accounting and finance.
  8. Dropbox. Who needs big rooms full of folders, when there’s digital cloud storage services like Dropbox?

The best part? That all these mobile applications only costs a few dollar per month – or even better: some of them are completely free.