Pascale El-Chammas is a fairly fresh member at United Spaces.

As CEO she runs the newly formed company Virtual Business Sweden AB ( which is an entrepreneurial business network that aim to access and utilize the complete array of competence and knowledgeable resources that Sweden has to offer.

Especially the type that emerges from newly arrived immigrants #NySvenskar. She thoroughly claims they are a vast underused resource in terms of experience and entrepreneurship.

Pascale is a former business developer at Telge. She is passionate about driving change in society. She is the current General Secretary of the Swedish-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.

Another strong passion that pops out when you chat with Pascale is Female Entrepreneurship and Leadership. She strongly believes that female entrepreneurship is needed to change society for the better and that women need to take a step forward to claim their position as future leaders.

When asked how she look at her professional role you would not be surprised when she states; – “I can always see possibilities and have always solutions. I’m also very unafraid and I connect easily to people”.

Pascale is a very outgoing person and a colourful personality that you instantly can connect with. Professional networking is a key component how she develops any type of business relationship. She admits however that digital networking is not yet her strongest competence and is something she is interested in exploring further.

Welcome to the United Spaces community Pascale.

Photo: Thank you to Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for the use of the picture!