Hoylu is a leading supplier of collaborative software for companies. In our workspace Malmoe, we have now entered into a partnership with Hoylu, which will provide all members of United Spaces with access to Hoylu’s software “Inspiration Suite” at all of United Spaces premises. The purpose is to create a perfect work environment with creative collaborations, interactive conferences and flexible presentations.

– United Spaces chooses to use the Hoylu products as a natural tool in the process of creating, planning and presenting. We regard Hoylu as the obvious choice for our members and visitors. The purpose of Hoylu’s products is to create a stunning effect with simple means, where all members can shine with their basic technical abilities. We seek to provide a fun and innovative work space and thanks to our partnership with Hoylu, we are always at the forefront with new releases and opportunities, says Göran Garberg, CEO, United Spaces.

Hoylu’s Inspiration Suite featuring “Anywhere Collaboration” enables team members to collaborate quickly and easily where-ever they are in the world. Thanks to the partnership with Hoylu, their products are available to all members of United Spaces and the different offices can easily be connected for demonstrations, brainstorming or other forms of collaborations. Hoylu’s open platform also makes it possible to seamlessly use third party applications on different screens, which enables companies to execute their business with maximum flexibility.

– We are proud of our collaboration with with United Spaces, who shares our vision of how business will operate in the future. The opportunity to work in real time from anywhere in the world makes it easy and fun for teams to collaborate and will dramatically increase productivity in the work place, says Hoylu CEO Stein Revelsby. He continues;
– Industries such as construction, entertainment, health care and education already use our products to handle their projects and production, and seamlessly include all team members, regardless of where in the world they are located. Anja Westling, Community Manager for United Spaces, Malmoe, believes that Hoylu is a natural collaborator.

– Hoylu, with their user friendly products and stunning effects, is a natural partner for us. We are thus delighted to provide Hoylu’s software as a part of our solutions to our members and customers.