Membership: flex office

Flex Office

  • ACTIVITY-BASED Workspace

    Are you tired of the traditional office concept? Our workspace is designed for activity-based working – efficient, flexible and fun.


    If you work quite much at your desk, adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are important for your health.

  • Silent zones

    If you need absolute silence, welcome to our Silent Zones.

  • Full-service

    Your success is our success. We are proud to deliver a full-service concept, so you can focus 100% on your core business.

  • 24h access

    Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? With your access card you will have 24h access to your workspace. Follow your inner energy!

  • BEST Locations

    We offer the best locations close to excellent public transport connections, easy accessible for your clients and customers. The rest of the world is just around the corner.

  • Exciting events

    Fill up with inspiration! Co-working is more than just a way of working at a physical place. Every week you are invited to several exciting events.

  • MEETING Rooms

    You have 30% discount on our fully equipped meeting rooms. We have a wide variety of rooms for private meetings, workshops and big events.

  • Growing community

    Our community consists of more than 600 people from many different industries. You can’t help making new business contacts.

  • Extras

    As if that wasn’t enough, check this out: Breakfast daily, members bar, fruit baskets, barista service, outdoor terrace, telephone rooms, car garage and bike storage, ice cream parlour, shoe-repair and dry-cleaning services…

A flexible solution for a more effective workday. You have access to our open Flex Office area with adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs, the silent zones and of course our creative Business Lounge.

Rob Johnson
Account Manager

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  • Free/discounted events
  • 850 sqm lounge
  • Access 24/7
  • Free wifi, coffee, tea & printer
  • 30% discount on our meeting rooms

  • Full service

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  • Free/discounted events
  • Your own company address & mailbox
  • 850 sqm lounge
  • Access 24/7
  • 30% discount on our meeting rooms

  • Free wifi, coffee, tea & printer

  • Private office – furnished
  • Flexibility for special arrangement
  • Full service