The Workspace at United Spaces in Waterfront Building

Activity-based working

United Spaces is designed upon the idea of activity-based working, based on the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. In our workspace you will always find a spot that fits your needs. Instead of working from your private desk all day long, you have a mix of lounges, open office spaces, silent zones, creativity corners, phone booths and inspiration refueling zones.

Lounges when you want to feel the energY. OR JUST RELAX.

When you need some energy, our lounge area is the perfect place to be. Work surrounded by other people, with many opportunities to make new contacts. The lounge has armchairs, padded workstations, seating arrangements for two and sofas for group conversations. Many of our members also choose to have their casual meetings in the lounge.

office settings for A HEALTHIER WORKLIFE

In our open office space you can choose your desk for the day, or hour. It is up to you! All desks are height adjustable and comes with an ergonomic desk chair. You may also get your own storage box to keep your valuables overnight.

Café and bar for socializing and networking

Statistics show that great ideas are created in the shower. The second best place is by the coffee machine where spontaneous meetings happen. We have our own barista, café and bar! We also have fully equipped kitchens for all members to use. What about a spontaneous meeting in the shower on first floor?

Phone booths for more important calls

When you need to get hold of your spouse, to decide dinner for tonight or get your client’s okay to the biggest offer ever, the phone booth will do the job. We have several phone booths, placed all over the workspace. You never need to go far to find one.

rooms for efficient, creative and reflective meetings

We have fully equipped meeting rooms in all sizes, suitable for meetings, seminars, workshops and bigger events. Our extraordinary service will not make you disappointed.

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If you are part of a bigger team, you might consider having your own private office as well. Use it as a hub, but still have access to our lounges. We have private office solutions for companies of different sizes.