This April, United Spaces will open its next location and this time at Sweden’s largest airport: Arlanda. Meeting rooms, private offices and a welcoming lounge are found at OfficeOne, just a short walk from Terminal 4. The person responsible for our newest location comes from Västerås and with plenty of experience in hospitality. Jessica Dennerstedt, the community manager for United Spaces Arlanda, shares with us her excitement and a bit more about herself.

Community manager is a relatively new role in business today, one that is increasingly associated with coworking offices. What is it exactly? Jessica explains that, “a community manager has an important role to create the mood and structure for members to thrive and keep coming back”. United Spaces Arlanda will accommodate for private offices and lounge memberships, but most of all meeting spaces.

Before United Spaces, Jessica was working as the Conference Manager at the esteemed Steam Hotel in Västerås. She’s held various jobs over the years which trace all the way back to being a cashier at ICA. Today, as community manager of United Spaces Arlanda she is interested to meet people from different industries. Jessica believes this location and the coworking concept can ”offer solutions that meet the future’s flexible way of working”.

Look for Jessica “dancing to work with her team and providing world-class service” at United Spaces Arlanda, a location where you want to be as effective and efficient as possible. The OfficeOne building is “new, fresh and has a lot of daylight” that will complement the warmth and personality that her and her staff will bring. She says she is also looking forward to, “meeting people from many nationalities” in this corner of Sweden. Välkommen!

With the recent acquiring by Castellum, Jessica comments that this development “is exciting and will allow United Spaces to expand even faster.”

Want to book a morning meeting with Jessica? Make sure to pour a cup of coffee. She says, “Coffee is a must otherwise the day hasn’t really started.”

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